There has been some serious organisation of my room taking place today. Involving the moving of furniture.

Not all went as planned however.

I am not up to moving stuff, but I can sit and sort/organise. But I have been afflicted with awful toothache *sniffle*, which delayed things. Two different types of numbing stuff, some paracetamol and a heat pad held to face later, I was good to go again.

First item was moved, various items sorted and put away and then…….disaster! A box of beads fell to the floor and spilled open!
=-O  o_O  =-O

Uh-oh!! And eek!!

Clear beads on a cream carpet. Not the easiest to see to pick up, and not the easiest to sort out again either.

Best part of an hour spent peering, squinting and sorting the crackle from the faceted,  the ab coated from the faceted, the silver lined from the ab etc etc.

But I did it!!

And here is my lovely organised bead box once again 🙂



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8 Responses to Uh-Oh……….

  1. It never fails that a box of beads gets spilled or brads etc. It looks lovely now…

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  2. What to do is have a clean dust buster handy. Then put a nice clean nylon like a knee high over the hose to keep the beads from getting sucked up .

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  3. pd says:

    Actually your bead collection looks like my screw and nail collection out in the workshop

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