Sounds Like Spring……


All I can hear is the occasional car from the main road cutting through the busy birdsong. They are loud, and joyful today for some reason. Just like in the spring – as though they are gossiping to each other of the better weather to come, the nests they are building etc.

If I just had sound to go by, it would be impossible to believe it’s November.

But November it is. And despite this being a time of sadness in our house, there have been smiles and fun. And love. There is always much love here.

Yes, we grumble at each other and there are disputes and complaints. Isn’t that the way of all families? But we love each other. And both my girls are in love with young men who treat them well and love them in return.

All are employed. We have much to be thankful for.

And with 3 nights of reasonable sleep, I am beginning to feel stronger again, despite a painful day yesterday due to the heavy rain.

I usually know as soon as I wake up, before I open my eyes, if it is raining. Just from how my body feels, the level of pain.

Today it is overcast, but dry, and the pain from yesterday has dimmed.

With better sleep, I am able to move easier. Able to think better. It makes such a difference. I just hope it continues.

The birds are quiet now. The road noise louder.

I began a new book last night, having just finished a series of 3. But this one is of an epic nature. I didn’t watch the much acclaimed TV series, and I am interested to see what all the fuss was about. Plus its a good while since I read a book of such “epic proportions”.  I am 90 pages in, and so far so good. It is Book 1 of A Song of Ice and Fire – A Game of Thrones 🙂

It’s quite a shift in genre and pace from what I have been reading in recent months. And as I say, so far so good.

Have a good Saturday xx

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5 Responses to Sounds Like Spring……

  1. pd says:

    we went to the winter droving festival in Penrith, all sorts of weird characters out and about 🙂

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  2. dbp49 says:

    I’ve never seen an episode of that TV series either, so maybe I should read those books. Maybe you could do a little review when you’re finished, if you are feeling up to it.

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