It’s Like a Different World

Facebook, that is.

There was a while, earlier this year, after a certain person deleted their profile when they went missing, that I just couldn’t cope with Facebook anymore. It was like after someone has just died, and you find yourself wondering how everything can carry on as normal, when something very fundamental has changed.
It was too much. So I hid my profile for a good long while.

I found out during that period who my real friends were.
And again when I reactivated my FB profile. People who spotted it was back and got in touch.

A particular couple of friends were invited to contact me. They didn’t. That hurt, because they had been part of my life for almost the entire time I had been online. Since the late 90’s.
But then, I know exactly why they didn’t. I know what had happened behind the scenes during my absence.

I have trundled back there a few times in the last week or two and read through my notifications, tried to catch up on how life is for a few people.

It’s like a different world.
It’s so………..noisy!

And I don’t feel part of that world anymore. Hell, I have barely been part of the real world since March!!! This year has definitely been the worst I have had. And that is saying something.

But the world of FB……it really is like a different world. But it has its uses. Some people only use FB to keep in touch, for instance. And my friends whose children are growing up so fast, I have missed seeing the updates and photos.

So, I think I will have to make some adjustments to my friends list, and my settings. Cut out those people who are obviously still there to just be nosy, those that obviously don’t care etc.

And just keep it for the people who matter.

But I cant see me ever being an avid user again.  It’s an odd feeling because since I first came online I have had an online community I belonged to.

I don’t really want that anymore. Not like it was.
Much trust has been taken from me.
And real life isnt virtual.

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