It’s Finally Quiet Out There!!!

After a good 10 days of fireworks going off. Thank the Starry Skies!!

Even Rory and Zoe were getting strung out to the point that fights were happening and under the bed became the preferred sleeping spot.

But poor little Mitch has been really traumatised. He has walked the house every night after everyone is on bed, crying 😥 and he has found a way to actually knock on his mum and dad’s bedroom door by pushing at the lower corner. He has been doing that several times each night.

And we have had feliway diffusers downstairs and the new one upstairs. But there were just so many over so many nights this year. It was ridiculous!!

Hopefully they will all settle down again and my poor kitties will recover. Bless em.

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2 Responses to It’s Finally Quiet Out There!!!

  1. We are keeping paws and fingers crossed!

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  2. pd says:

    we hardly heard any round here

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