NaNoWriMo Day 9

13,767 words. Still playing catch up unfortunately.

But I have the main characters in place now. And the stage is set for a big ‘happening’ that not only thickens the plot,  it twists and turns it and takes the story deeper into myth. Hopefully in an inventive way. That is the intention anyway.

I’m feeling a bit…..wibbly….at this point tho and i keep telling myself this is the first draft. This is a spewing of creative rawness. So it doesnt matter right now if i havent got the intricacies of how that could be possible. Or worked out precisely how that myth could mesh with that theology. I know they will but i need to research to be sure of the connections i have in my memory.

Sorry if thats all a bit cryptic :-/

I am still awake tonight because my next door neighbours have been noisy. But I need to sleep now. My FM was flaring all yesterday and bad sleep or no sleep just makes it worse. Harder to cope with.

I seem to be one step forward and two steps back again and its frustrating.

I’m still waiting to hear from the place I volunteered at. Not that I would have been any use the last 3 days.

And I have decided to just get plain old glasses again. Realistically the cost of the other two options was just too much. I mean the £28 a month for contacts…….that’s the car insurance when i get one again, and not having a car is impacting my life far more than swapping glasses ever did or will.

I’ll think about varifocals next time.

Night night x

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2 Responses to NaNoWriMo Day 9

  1. pd says:

    £28 a month, bloody Hell !, i’m too squeemish to wear them anyway

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