Catching Up – NaNoWriMo

The way they sort their stats out is a little depressing tho :-/ as they project forward by averaging out your word count so far.

I didnt update for 3 days, so even though I need 30 words less per day than the set amount “at this rate” they predict I won’t be finished until Dec 4th.

Oh well. I guess thats why they stress you update every day. I never did like maths 😛

But over 10,000 words done now. I feel a bit stunned really because that sounds like so many! But its only about 1/5 of the way through the target and more like an 1/8 of the way towards your ‘average’ novel.

But then, I guess it’s ok that I am still introducing characters and building the foundations of the plot. There is still room and space to build.
Only it also crosses my mind, will I have enough “action”? I guess I’ll find out as I go.

I am really enjoying it though. Enjoying the challenge as well as my story as it unfolds before me.

I have also had a friend offer to be a test reader for me 😀  It will be great to get some feedback.

I know there are thousands of people who share this seemingly impossible dream that I have had for so long, to be a published author of an actual book. The reality is, that for the vast majority of us it will always remain ‘just a dream’. But you have to try, don’t you?! You can’t just give up on something on the chance it will never happen. Because if you don’t try – you never know.

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6 Responses to Catching Up – NaNoWriMo

  1. pd says:

    what sort of book is it trying to be ?

    murder ?
    intrigue ?
    erotic sex novel ?



  2. Moongazer says:

    Are you volunteering to be a test reader, Paul? 😛

    It has mythical beings in it, if that helps 😉


  3. oceanskysky says:

    Test reader …….. Me me !!!

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  4. If it has mythical beings it will be a great book!

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