Is This a Decision I See Before Me?

Coz I need to make one!!

Contact lenses vs Varifocals vs 3 pairs of glasses.

That’s my choice. And I’m not especially thrilled by any of them, to be honest.

I’ve gone 43 years wearing glasses and this is the first time I have been told I can try contacts. But I would still need reading glasses as well.

Varifocals have that awful hourglass shape of clear vision in the middle with the two areas at the side where it’s blurry.

That would drive me nuts!!! And the ones with the least amount of blurring are like £159 just for the lenses. Frames and coatings are extra ffs. Plus I need prescription sunglasses as well.

It’s a lot of money.

Having separate pairs is the other option, and a lot cheaper. But such a clat!!

So I’m just going to have a think about it for a few days.

I had to do a massive double take during my induction though. I looked up as someone walked in the room and panning up from the floor I saw combat pants, big jumper, and yeah…….only the exact same white goaty beard as a certain person. But this guy was thinner and looked about 10 yrs younger. He even had the short hair and hoop earring too. It was another volunteer.

But obviously ‘he’ is not as unique as he thinks he is.  The guy today carried it off better, but it’s really not a good look, is it?

I had thought the universe was finally done with taking the piss after the multitudes of random canal and boat images over the last few months. Nah…..although it did settle something in my mind for me, so that was ok.

But what to do about my glasses/lenses????
If anyone has any experience with varifocal lenses and/or contacts,  I’d be very glad to hear them xx

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4 Responses to Is This a Decision I See Before Me?

  1. Julie Church says:

    I wear progressives, no lines, but the top is for my near sightedness and the bottom is for focusing in on what’s close, I find that’s all I need most of the time. I do however have reading glasses on hand for my bead work when needed; they are a bit stronger than the bottom part of my regular glasses for when I do more detailed bead work.
    I also have sunglasses with the same eye prescription as my regular glasses, I find them to be a hassle switching back and forth, but I am sensitive to bright lights so I wear them whenever outside.
    Glasses are costly; good luck on your decision. 🙂


    • Moongazer says:

      Do you not have a kind of blurry bit at each side, Julie?


      • Julie Church says:

        No, I wear my glasses all the time and never give much thought to them.
        I use to take my glasses off and on all day long, but I recently got new glasses and am very pleased with them.
        I guess it’s ‘you won’t know if you like it until you try it’ kind of thing. 🙂
        Good luck!

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        • Moongazer says:

          Thank you x
          It’s really good you’ve found some you like 🙂

          They did say they would refund and change them if I wasn’t happy but it’s a lot of money, and hassle.
          But the contacts are also very tempting but also expensive. *sighs*

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