Yeah, that’s how I have felt today. Not a single word written for NaNo; I hardly even wrote any texts today either.

Just a day of blah with a dollop of meh.

I did read quite a bit. Until a migraine hit. Zigzaggy lines and pain, but thankfully it didnt last long.

I did get some good cuddle time with each of the girls tho. We can’t be the only family where the adult kids still come for a cuddle with mum from time to time.

I can remember being able to get a cuddle from my mum too. Once upon a time.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Up and out early. Induction day!!

Then eye test and time for choosing new specs. Not my favourite thing. Its almost as bad as buying a new bra!!! And it’s going to be expensive, altho I do get money off because I have a complex prescription, it doesn’t go far towards the cost of 3 or 4 pairs of specs.

I can hear those cries of “how many???” 😛

It’s simple. Distance, day to day round the house, close up stuff plus a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving. I did say I had a complex prescription 😛

Although in recent months I have been doing close up work without specs for like the first time ever. So I know my eyes have changed significantly again.

FM doesn’t help either, I’m sure. I get muscle spasms in my face sometimes altho they dont last months like the larger muscles, thank the starry skies. And some days my vision is better and/or worse than others.

And then we are supermarket shopping. First time since July when my car had to go to the scrappy in the sky, bless it.

Weirdly enough I am kinda looking forward to it. Online supermarket shopping takes *so* long!! Unless you buy exactly the same thing each week. But Gods, how boring is that?!?!

Anyway…..a busy day to come so I had best try and get some sleep.

Wish me luck!!

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2 Responses to Flagging

  1. jenw1976 says:

    My daughter will be the adult child coming to cuddle with her mom. And I love that!
    Wishing you good luck with everything!

    Liked by 1 person

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