Ok, Bored Now

This lying in the dark unable to sleep again has rapidly become tedious.

I want to sleep. During the night and for longer than 3 hours. Surely that isn’t too much to ask for???

Apparently it is.

Instead of dreams my brain replays situations and circumstances, I listen again to conversations. All unbidden. All unwelcome.

Its cerebral torture and it pisses me off.

It’s so frustrating that I can have a week – 10 days of proper, normal, restorative sleep then something crops up and throws a spanner in the works and it takes So. Damned. Long to regain my sleep equilibrium again.


Lack of sleep or broken sleep makes everything worse.

Maybe someone can develop a system whereby over active brains can be removed and placed in a soundproof jar overnight. That way they can chatter and grumble as much as they like while the rest of the person sleeps and repairs.

Damn that would be so cool!!

Except no dreaming could take place. And I love some of my dreams, they can be hilarious or compelling, entertaing, absurd or just plain old weird. Dreams are never boring.

Damn……someone’s alarm clock just went off *sigh*.

Its very windy out there this morning. The dry leaves are rattling, noisy as they get thrown around by it. I hope it doesnt rain too.

I am so, *so* tired 😥

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2 Responses to Ok, Bored Now

  1. vryohpah says:

    I feel your pain, I hope you can get into a pattern soon 🙂

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