Off To a Good Start :-)

I clocked in my words written so far……..over 4,000 and the NaNoWriMo site predicts that, at this rate, I will complete by 23rd November 🙂

I have to stress the at this rate, however, because this rate will be hard to keep up, I’m sure.

But still, its a really good start!! The story is veritably flowing from my fingertips and I don’t want to stop! But I must, because I seriously need to try and get some decent sleep.

Poor little Mitch had a terrible time with the fireworks tonight. He crept into the lounge on his belly when they started, desperately trying to get to his mum and dad 😦

He had a real ordeal last year. Our neighbours had a very badly thought out firework party, without warning us. It included fireworks too big to be set off within the confines of their garden so they spread out to the common land at the back between our houses and a sheltered accomadation complex. You can imagine it, I’m sure. One of the first ones they set off, hit one of our bedroom windows!!

Poor Mitch was nowhere to be found. We went out calling him but he only reappeared about an hour after all the fireworks stopped. Around midnight.

Yes, I did go and have words with the neighbour.

Mitch likes to sleep in their shed, and we reckon that’s where he must have been. Only feet away from all the noise.

It’s only now that the lasting effects of his trauma have become apparent.

Even the Feliway plug in diffuser didn’t really calm him down.

The neighbours didnt repeat the performance this year, thank the starry skies.

Anyway, no room organising got done today. I have had a very hurty day 😦 but hopefully if I get a decent stretch of sleep, I will feel better tomorrow.

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