Maybe I am Part Feline……(Product Review)

We bought this today


We have used Feliway successfully, but Pets At Home had sold out, so we got this one instead as we need one upstairs as well as one downstairs.

It says it contains a “Clinically proven blend of Valerian, Vetiver and other calming essential oils”.

We needed something so thought we’d give this a try. At £20.99 it is almost half the price of the Feliway diffuser and it comes with a free small bottle of spray too 🙂

And so far, so good. Although it’s Monday, there have still been a few fireworks tonight and while the real test of it will come at the weekend when the big organised display is on, I can honestly say it’s having a beneficial effect. Rory and Zoe are even more chilled out than usual.

And so am I!!! 😛 I am feeling decidedly relaxed and am hoping it helps my sleep tonight 😀

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4 Responses to Maybe I am Part Feline……(Product Review)

  1. pd says:

    Cloroform, grab them from behind with it on a hanky like they do in movies, LOL


  2. tastehitch says:

    For us it’s the Songkran holiday in April when the firecrackers go off and the cats go mad. Not sure we can get that stuff over here but might be worth a look when we’re back at Christmas.

    Cheers for the info 🙂

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