But it’s November!

It shouldn’t be 13 degrees outside in the wee small hours!! Coz that’s what the weather app on my phone says it is, and I can believe it. I have both windows open coz it’s so warm.

I can’t sleep again 😦

The last couple of weeks my sleep has gone wappy again and it’s a pain in the neck.  My sleep supplements seem to be taking longer to work, but I keep forgetting to take them earlier :-/

But also, my brain has had a few nights of over-activity, which is never good.

The stash of xmas prezzies is slowly building 🙂  It would be nice to think I will have a car again before xmas as there are shops I like to get presents from that are not in town, but realistically, it will be in the new year.

I’d rather wait and save enough to get something that will last a few years with a bit of luck, than buy a cheapy,  that on a wing and a prayer might last a year. But it’s frustrating not having that independance I am so used to.

I’m just very glad of being able to buy online.

I suppose I ought to try and sleep again. There is a solitary bird out there beginning to sing – crazy fool!!!

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