A Milestone!

Last night, just before midnight, that little counter on my stats page here at WordPress registered 100 followers.


It’s hard to imagine *that* many people looking and liking what they see. But it’s an amazing thing to find people you share common ground with.

I follow blogs where the writer touches my heart in some way, or they make me laugh, or we share an interest or situation, so I know how good that is.
But it’s even more amazing to know that 100 people have clicked follow on my tiny little space in the blogosphere! That they are interested in following my ups, downs and sidesteps through life.

Thank you xx

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2 Responses to A Milestone!

  1. pd says:

    some of them could be webbots, tiny pieces of software crawling thru the planets servers looking for interesting key words. Then theres the perverts, I get far more hits on paintings of nude women and pictures of sheep ! than i do of any other artwork ! LOL

    … of course a simple test might be to fill a blog with stuff about destroying Obama, Cameron the west, LOL.


    • Moongazer says:

      There are a few “corporate” ones. Everyone gets them, unfortunately. But they are all still genuine blogs.
      The software also recognises when you are un-followed and it shows up in your notifications.
      The spam comments folder, however…………full of those little bot things!!


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