Should be classed as a terminal illness.

The people who cause it should be held accountable by law and sentenced the same way as those who ignore the health and safety of people in their care.

Their punishment should equal to the pain they inflicted on others. And public.

Especially if they knew they were doing harm. As so many of them do.

Why should they have chance to do it again? What’s to stop them as things are now?

Suicide or accidental death should not be an inquests conclusion. Depression should be recorded and those responsible hunted down and held accountable same as if they had murdered.

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2 Responses to Depression

  1. pauld says:

    there was a case round here earlier in year or last year where a coroner wouldnt enter suicide as cause of death rather than depression, think he/she said it should be highlighted.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Good for them!!! Because its the depression that kills you. Suicide is what stops the pain.
      If you weren’t depressed (in the true and proper sense of the word) you wouldn’t want to kill yourself.


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