This is Mitch. Named after the vampire in the UK TV series Being Human because his fangs peek out all the time.
Mitch belongs to my youngest daughter and luckily he absolutely adores her boyfriend. Possibly more than he adores my daughter.
Mitch is 1/4 Ragdoll. Although he’s not very big as he had to be neutered early, but that doesn’t stop him defending his home turf when he needs to, against several cats who live round about. He’s very brave.
He isn’t allowed into his mum & dad’s room at night, or when they aren’t at home, because he tries to get to their geckos and generally causes havoc. So he has a bed, specially made up for him, in the hall, outside their door.
Rory took on an adoptive mum role when we got him as a kitten, but now, she likes to beat him up from time to time 😦
He is a boy who knows exactly what he does and doesn’t like. He likes to bite unsuspecting feet! He loves to chase damsel flies. He doesn’t like crunchy cat biscuits or cheese. But will sit to order in return for meat.
His favourite toy is a long furry purple snake. But his all time most favourite thing of all is being in the bedroom with his dad, snuggling up to him while he plays his games online,  or snuggled between them on the sofa, which is how this photo got taken.


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