This isn’t good.

I know its cool in here because both my bedroom windows are open. But I feel hot. Too hot to lie under the quilt to sleep.

And my belly…..feels strange. Urgy.

I feel light headed and a bit spinny.

Two days between one beginning to feel better and the next one going down with it. Hmmm

This is not good at all.

I don’t ‘do’ vomit. Not even my own. I would rather go through another c-section than throw up. Give me pools of blood to deal with any day. Blood, I can cope with.
Not puke.
Oh no!!
No way.

I am going to take some paracetamol, chew on some remegels and invoke my strongest mind over matter skills.

*i will not puke! I will not puke! I willnotpukeIwillnotpukeIwillnotpuke*

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2 Responses to Nooooo!!!

  1. Pauld says:

    Not Ebola ?, LOL, hope your feeling better by now

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    • Moongazer says:

      Thank you x I think I have gotten off very lightly compared to the rest of the household, actually. No puking!! Yay! Just feel really grotty and sleepy and weak with no appetite xx


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