Blurg …..but Excited

Hellooo to everybody on this breezy autumnal evening!!

I think I have a watered down version of what everyone else had. No pukes!! Thank the starry skies!! No abnormal trips to the loo at all.
But no appetite due to nausea, a bad headache, aches, excess sleepiness and general blurg-ness.

Despite this, I am however very excited!! 😀

My grasshopper brain sometimes comes up with ideas, but then grinds to a halt because I havent a clue how to go about creating what I see in my head. More often than not, the idea just dribbles away into the aether or gets filed in the “oh bugger” wastebin in my brain.

However, just occassionally (is that 1 S or 2?? See, even Literacy Specialists have trouble spelling at times!! :-P)  yes, as I was saying, now and again, an idea lingers around and grows.

This one particular idea stemmed from looking at a piece of old, old jewellery I have and thinking “that would look SO cool, if it had…..”.

Today…..coz I have been all blurgy, I found myself researching it. Ways and means, and if it was even possible at all. And it bloody well is!!!

And what’s more……..I already have the skills and knowledge and stuff (mostly) to do it!!!!


I felt this rising tide of excitement building as I discovered each bit of information. It can be done!! And I can do it!!!

I need one vital ‘ingredient’ though, which might take some hunting down, so that is my job for tomorrow!!!

What’s even better is I haven’t seen anyone else doing this. Yet!!


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