The End of a Day…..

That is better than the beginning.

Yesterday’s burning pain had given way to deep aching this morning, and the kind of overwhelming sleepiness I would have given my right arm for, for most of this year.

I laid snug and warm until early afternoon, dozing as much as I could while the first painkillers of the day were doing their job.

This afternoon and this evening I have been busy. I have glued the ends of my suede braid and will trim it and add the clasp tomorrow.

I have also begun making a beaded kumihimo bracelet. I bought a couple of different kits last year when I put together a kumihimo set for my adopted daughter’s birthday, but this is the first beaded one I have done.

I am really pleased with how it’s turning out too. The worst bit was counting all the beads four times over :-\ just plain tedious really.


We also spent a good half hour looking for a large plastic box of threading stuff.
Hmmmm. It was only when I found various threads and wires in other drawers and tubs that I remembered I must have given away a load of the threads etc that I had, during “the great big bead sort” of October last year.  I know he went home with lots.  Doesn’t time fly!!

I am, as of now, the last man standing who has not succumbed to this awful lurgy everyone else has had. And I really, really hope I escape it. It is like flu with food poisoning. I suppose I will find out over the next couple of days. Joy.

So, not too bad a day really.

I hope everyone else had a good Saturday xx

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