Knitting Stuff

I like knitting. I’ve made a few proper items of clothing over the years. But I like to just knit rather than keep count and track through a pattern, so I have made lots of blankets 😛

I am one of those people that finds it hard to just sit and watch TV (not that I watch much anyway) so whenever I do watch anything, unless it’s a film, I like to be doing something with my hands.

Sometimes there is a head, neck or shoulders to be rubbed 😛

Or I knit 😀

My current project was born from having lots of odd balls of a now discontinued yarn that I absolutely LOVE. Sirdar WOW.
It’s a thick and amazingly soft and snuggly chenille. It knits up pretty damn quick and I love the richness of the colours.

So, all these odd balls just seemed destined to become a blanket/bedspread 🙂

I originally planned on random long stripes, just adding in a new ball as one ended. But that would have been not only very heavy on my arms after a while but also would have been quite hot, sitting knitting under this ever growing double bed sized blanket. So I opted for random patchwork instead 🙂

I cast on 25 stitches onto number 7  circular needles (bamboo) and just knit a row pearl a row til the ball is used up, producing nice big ‘patches’ that should be easy enough to sew together. Although I am toying with the idea of crocheting them together so I can also fill in any gaps from unevenly sized patches as it comes together.

Here’s some pics of patches made so far.




I went on a hunt online for more and stumbled upon Ice Yarns in Turkey who seem to manufacture for more than one big yarn company (if you know your yarn, have a look round their website and you’ll see what I mean), and they still stock it, although under the generic name of velvet chenille. There isn’t a massive colour choice, but definitely enough for me to complement my Sirdar and including postage to the UK I get 4 balls for the same price that it used to cost for a single ball of full price Sirdar WOW 😀
Me loves me a bargain like that!!

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