That sums today up nicely, I think.

I should have been prepared but I wasn’t.  Maybe it’s just my inner eternal optimist refusing to be defeated again. Because even though you come to dread the flare-ups once you’ve had a few, you still do things without consciously thinking “No. I can’t coz it will cause a flare.” Or because what you want to do is so worthwhile, or what you have to do can’t be avoided.

Some would agree that’s my inner eternal optimist, some would say it’s stubborness and I daresay some might just call me stoopid 😛

But I would much rather be the kind of person who fights on than someone who just gives up.
Tomorrow is another day to push back and regain a bit more of the ground I have lost.

It’s a battle without end, but it has to be fought.

But I should have known. The high stress situation of yesterday combined with 2 nights of poor sleep plus sitting in the ‘wrong type’ of chair for 90 mins and standing waiting for the taxi on top of my normal stuff. Well, I didn’t stand much chance really. The burning pain has been pretty much head to toe and even being hugged hurt me.

But hey ho!

Moodwise? Well, maybe because of the FM flare, and really, there’s only so much you can deal with at a time before you unhinge…..I have been very…well…BLAH!! moodwise today.
Not actively thought about anything much. Maybe my brain wore itself out overnight :-\ but not been able to focus on anything worthwhile as a distraction. I ended up watching wire wrapping videos on you tube. I didn’t find one for a particular style of ring I have tho. I’ll have to dig my wire out again soon so I can show you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2 deletions today. Is there a problem?

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2 Responses to Blah!!

  1. pauld says:

    i’d say i was the eternal optimist but with strong cynical and realist tendancies LOL.

    As for taxi, you didnt do what i did some years ago and jump into back of first car that pulled up thinking it was a taxi, and terrifying the hell out of the driver


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