Amino Acids to Treat Depression

I have been asked about the amino acids I use for my depression, so I thought I would do a summary post about what I take, because it involves more than just amino acids.

Before I go into the details, please remember I researched this long and hard. Just because it works for me, does not mean it is suitable for you. Even nutritional medicine has contra-indications. Also, if you are already taking anti-depressants, find out exactly which neurotransmitters that drug works on and how. Because you do not want to be taking a supplement that increases that neurotransmitter at the same time as your drugs.

Once I had all my research done, I discovered there is a book with masses of information on this subject and I advise you to read it.
The Mood Cure by Julia Ross
There is also a website Mood Cure Website with questionnaires you can do to help narrow down which neurotransmitters you need to boost.
Also do your research if you have PKU, high blood pressure, thyroid disease.

Ok, here is my list:

In the morning, on an empty stomach:

· DLPA 500mg capsules by Solgar

This is a combination of amino acids the L and D form of Phenylalanine.

This (L form) acts as a pre-cursor to dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters. It (D form) also acts as a natural pain reliever and so is very useful for fibromyalgia or other types of chronic pain. 

· L- Tyrosine   500mg capsules by Solgar.
This amino acid is the pre-cursor for dopamine and also contributes to the making of thyroxine, the thyroid hormone.

· Flaxseed oil by Solgar
I take 3 of these a day, one with each meal. It provides omega oils 3,6,9. I use the flaxseed oil because I am allergic to fish. But a fish oil will provide omega oils probably more cheaply.

Basically, your brain needs omega oils to function properly, for effective utilisation of neurotransmitters.
If you are coming off anti-depressant drugs and experience “brain zaps”, omega oils will drastically reduce that nasty side effect of withdrawal.

· Vitabiotics for Hair, Skin and Nails.
This is an extremely high strength vitamin and mineral supplement. I chose this one because it has 600 and 800% of rda for B vitamins, which the amino acids need in order to be used by the body.
So it’s an essential supplement if you want the amino acids to work.

I also selected this one because it doesnt contain vitamin k, which helps blood thicken and clot.

At about 6pm:

· GABA 500mgs by Now Foods

This has a naturally calming effect on your nervous system and I found it also helps my over – tight FM muscles to relax a bit.

About 3 hrs before sleep (this varies from person to person apparently so you will need to experiment)

· 5 htp – 300mg

This is the pre- cursor for the neurotransmitter  seratonin and is available from lots of companies online. I use Live Well Health Management on ebay, a UK company because their 5htp ONLY contains 5htp. Other brands often contain herbs such as valerian to help you sleep. I didn’t want that, hence me buying from this company.

And that’s the lot!

I know, it does look like a lot of stuff to take, but it is spread out over the day, and prescription drugs had done nothing but cause me more problems.

Expense wise, it would be a lot if I bought them all at once, but I didn’t. And the bottle of GABA for instance contains 100 capsules, so that works out to about £1 a week/£4 a month.
The Solgar amino’s have 50 capsules in a bottle so its almost 2 mths supply. It balances out nicely.

I hope this proves useful for you. But please, take my cautions at the start of the post seriously and do your research and take into consideration any medical problems you already have and any medicines you already take.

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