It’s the final part of my assessment today and I am feeling more than a little anxious about it.

Partly, I think, because I don’t know what to expect.

But also in part because I cannot find the paperwork I filled in for it. I have no idea where it has gone. Maybe it transmogrified into a tube of beads!! 😛 but it isn’t where it should be, nor anywhere I have looked!!

I also feel a bit wrecked because after well over a week of decent sleep, I had a bad night last night. How on earth have I coped with feeling *this* crap day after day for years?
Well, obviously I didn’t! Or at least not very well.
Gods, I am yawning my head off!!
I should go get some coffee, I think.
And some food. That might help.

Ok Chaps…….wish me luck!?!

I shall report back later

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