Work in Progress – Suede Kumihimo

I found my kit!!! Yay! It wasn’t in my room at all. Twas in the lounge. *cue much rolling of eyes from the family lol*

I wanted to do a 6 strand rounded braid but couldn’t work out how to even attempt it and you tube only had one waffy video for a 6 strand method that produced a ‘twisted’ braid. So, I thought “what the hell” and got set up for a classic 8 strand braid instead.

I had forgotten quite how addictive, meditative and fast kumihimo is. Thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I even paused to take a piccy for you (further down).
The 8 strand has turned out much thicker than I wanted, but still nice enough to wear, so I have ordered a nice, simple black magnetic clasp for it.

Tomorrow I attempt a hand plaiting technique using 6 strands that hopefully will produce what I am after for my beads. I already have clasps for that, so I might even get that one done before I finish the kumihimo one.

I still have to finish the ends. Normally I would stitch them, but thats a bit tricky with suede. So, it looks like I will be gluing and then trimming to make sure the ends don’t unravel.

Below is the pic taken part way through. More apologies for the quality. If you click on it, you can see the detail much more clearly.

Once I am set up in my room properly with all my craft stuff, I will get the photographic lights out the loft and have one permenently set up in the corner, I think 🙂


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