Darkness falling

The nights really seem to be drawing in now; the days are visibly shorter.

Dawn creeps around my curtains later and dusk settles over the city earlier each day.

My sycamore tree…..that I mentioned way back….is changing colour. Golden with the odd flashe of red before the brown they will become. And the road beneath the horse chestnuts is littered with the remains of conkers and their casings.

Autumn is well and truly here. Winter approaches on her heels.

Some people find winter very hard. The dark shroud of depression covers them and they suffer.
I have had that dark shroud all year. And this winter I aim to shrug the last of it off. I aim to enjoy the foggy, moist and murky gloom. I aim to delight in the sharp, frosty chill of the days to come. I hope we get snow 🙂

The house is warm and toasty; the new radiator thermostats are great! And we have kissmas coming up. Shopping has already started. A few interesting new treats ordered with the shopping. Well, you have to try them out beforehand, don’t you?! 😛 And the stock-piling of presents has begun for everyone, including the adopted members of the family.

Life can be seriously tough at times, so you have to grab your happiness. Hold on to things that bring you joy, that lift your days and give you pleasure; and leave the rest to rot where they belong.

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