Upcoming Projects……

I thought I’d show off a bit share some of my upcoming projects with you 😛
I get all excited about them, you see. And that makes me want to share my excitement 🙂 especially as I know there are lovely people out there in Blogland who understand the sense of excitement I am talking about.

This bit of planning came about because since my eldest was let loose in my room I cannot find where my kumihimo kit has gone, and she cannot remember where she put it *grump* so my thoughts turned to other stuff.

So…..first up is what will become a braided bracelet once I find the elusive kit. I said it was leather, but it’s actually suede.
The purple is more …well….purple and less pink than the pic shows. I had to use the ‘night’ setting on my camera to get half decent pics, so please excuse any fuzziness in quality if you zoom in on any of these.


Suede for kumihimo-ing

Next we have a selection of things I will be beading around, or bezelling with beads. In the middle are two of my vintage czech glass cabochons. There’s also lapiz lazuli, picture stone, petrified wood in that thar selection. Smallest is about 1.5 cms long.



And then there is this big beautiful thing!! I have had this for a few years actually and I love it so it’s about time I made use of it. It’s huge!! About 3 inches long. Big and bold, which is how I like my jewellery. The picture really doesn’t do it justice as it changes colour at different angles and positively glows. I think I will be making a beaded neclace to hang this from. But not sure whether to bezel round it (which will probably protect it as well) in black. Or whether to just make a custom wire doodah to hang it using the hole at the top. Opinions gratefully received.


Big and beautiful

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