Random Burblings on a Rainy Afternoon

Ye Gods it’s wet!! The rain hasn’t stopped. And it’s cold. And windy. I have closed the window for, I think, the first time this year. I likes me fresh air.
But the wind and rain together isn’t a good combination for FM, I find. I’m achey but not hurty, so that’s not bad going really.

Today I have one just gone to work, one just got home from work and one in bed very poorly sick. He’s in quarantine tho, coz I really do not want to catch that lurgy!!!

I am still being gawked at. Or should that be stalked at?
And doth the plot thicken?
This will make a great chapter if I ever come to write a book about it.

I suppose I ought to make an appointment for my flu jab *sigh*

I was musing earlier…..about being a muse. An inspiration to someone’s creative ventures. I was only told about this a couple of months ago and it fair warmed the cockles of my heart it did. I mean I knew there was an interest in my interest, but to be told you inspired something bigger, is kinda cool 😀

Its a shame there is no more sharing of pictures, new finds, opportunities to ask my advice etc.
I quite enjoyed being a mentor.
Ah well, they know where I am. I’d hear them out, at least.

Rory is fast asleep by my side as usual. But I think Zoe has gone into hibernation.
She woke me up earlier by sitting on my shoulder, nuzzling my head and giving me cold wet nose kisses in my ear!!! One would have done the job!! Seriously. But when we have *weather* she become very intense and in desperate need of love, bless her.

Anyway – here’s a pic to remind us of warmer days


Everything is coming up Rory! 😛

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One Response to Random Burblings on a Rainy Afternoon

  1. Laura Jones says:

    I really enjoyed reading this! I’ve started following you, I’m looking forward to reading more posts!


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