Some Brightness on a Sad Day

Because my Dad would be pleased.

I am so enjoying feeling my strength and stamina return. Every day it improves 🙂 as I push myself that bit more.

I am sure it’s partly to do with my increased intake of micro nutrients as well – the uber high strength vitamins, minerals and the amino acids. Plus my vastly improved sleep. 7 hours a night give or take half an hour. And when I wake up, its naturally, and there is no slug like lethargy or blinking and falling asleep again.

Those little amino acids are achieving what no prescription pill ever could. It’s bloody fantastic, I tell you 😀

I still have to get up slowly but even so, my mornings are better than they have been for a good number of years.

My creative mojo is coming back too. I’ve been accumulating bits and pieces for over a year now with a particular theme in mind, and I think I am just about good to go with it. It will be good to get the resin out again.

I finished the ring and am almost finished doing the “cobblestone” bracelet. It’s looking good. And has a home already….dibs have been made!
I was 3/4 of the way through a tutorial for it, to help someone out, but never mind.

I am now deep purple……although coz its still wet it looks black. Depending on how it turns out, I might be persuaded to post a pic. Hell, I might even slap some make up on me face 😛

My brood are on their way home again.

I have to say tho, I do kinda miss my daily early morning visitor from you-know-where. Especially after getting used to seeing them over the last few weeks. It showed I was one of their first thoughts each morning.
The fact that they stopped on a particular day….just shows how diminished they are to what they were. It’s a shame they can be so easily……swayed….from something they obviously like to do. And so unlike them.
Thing is, one thing you cannot do, is change a person’s inherent nature. Nor what their first thoughts are every day.

So, despite this being a day where my thoughts have been on those who have passed, in tribute to them, there is brightness and hope and progress.

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