Me Loves Me Some of This!!


Oh yes! I do love my nail stuff. I have ended up with such a collection, it was getting to be a hassle hunting through the various tubs to find the one I wanted. So, I bought some nail wheels from ebay and when I was stuck in bed with FM I used them to collate my nail polishes.
They are also fab to test top coats over different colours and to practice nail art on before you attempt it on yourself.

Below is a picture of approx half my collection 🙂
If you zoom in give the pic a few seconds to focus….its been looking blurry at first on my phone but it’s not really.
Oh and if you spot the smudge on the mat, its actually a burn mark LOL


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6 Responses to Me Loves Me Some of This!!

  1. The Laughable Cheese says:

    The nail wheels are pretty and it seems like a fast system on knowing what color you want. (Maybe you could write on the inside of the nails what color they are?


    • Moongazer says:

      Thank you 🙂 and I do! It makes life a lot easier, even if I just have the brand written on there because in a tub of ‘blues’ for instance all you see clearly from above is the lids, but most brands have different shaped/sized lids and it narrows it down a lot lol.

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  2. oceanskysky says:

    Wow I like !!!! Cool collect you have there you have loads !!!
    You always did like pretty stuff and looking good you have always looked good ever since I met you and a personality to die for your such a lucky girlie x x


  3. Moongazer says:

    *Blush* I could say it’s just good genes LOL but I might have FM but I int dead yet 😀

    I’ll probably do a pic of the rest of my collection sometime. I’ve still got some to add to the colour wheels and some different magnets to use with my magnetic polishes. Tis all good fun.


  4. oceanskysky says:

    Goth girl lol x x x


    • Moongazer says:

      LOL….I can’t help it. Its amazing really, I was at a company general meeting one day and as we stopped for a break, I pulled out my baccy tin and this woman I had been sitting next to suddenly exclaimed at me “you were a goth, weren’t you?” I agreed and she said ” I knew it! The roll ups just convinced me”. I was 39 yrs old and in work clothes!!! So, I guess you just cant take the goth out the girl lol xx

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