Some Pretty Things

So far, I have had enormous trouble trying to add more than one photo to a post. Possibly coz I do it from my phone – I don’t know. But I am going to give it another try.
First up is an almost complete ring I have been making for myself. I like big rings and once I had beaded around this heamatite cabochon, it just had to become a ring 🙂

The band……well…..that was an adventure!! Size 11 seed beads – check. Design, right angle weave – check. Elastic fine enough to make several passes through each bead? Nooooo!!!
So the search began. I ended up using Gossamer Floss, which is not easy to locate in the UK. But, I had to split it to make it fine enough for what it had to do. It worked. It was just a real faff!!
Anyway….the cab is backed with soft black leather and I just need to stitch the other end in….and voila!!

The light isn't great today but hopefully you can see the petrol colour of the beads


Next up are some gorgous vintage rivoli in medium vitrail colour/effect. I love vintage stuff!! And I have quite a good collection so far. Although I am always on the look out for more 🙂
These are teeny. 7mm. I have two plans for them. One is setting them into a vintage multi loop bracelet clasp with holes made for rivoli. The other is to bezel around them with size 15 seed beads to make earrings. Fiddly work, but worth a go.


My photos aren’t brilliant, I know! In fact, most are poor. I can only apologise. I am not a natural photographer.

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