That Wasn’t So Bad Really

The appointment went ok. When I showed them my list of amino acids they accepted my reasoning and that I would rather feel …naturally.
They even apologised for the way the metazipine had effected me.

Diagnosis is Reactive Depression, which basically means it is in reaction to events. You think???

They gave me a couple of things to think about, but nothing that I haven’t already considered.
But it was nice that he acknowledged my psychology “background”.

They want my thyroid retested, including the T3 as they feel that could be playing a significant role.

So…next appt is in 3-4 mths.

What was bad was that it cost £18 there and back!! That’s a lot of dosh. And the therapy is going to be at the same place, but weekly *sigh*  but at least it will be tackling everything and not just recent events.

My macaroni cheese for dinner tonight 😀

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