Monday Morning Musings

The wind blew my window wide open during the night and I had fallen asleep, as I often do, lying across my bed.

Rory was in her usual place half way down and near the edge.

So, when I woke up…..curtain billowing in the chill October breeze, I found myself uncovered and my book, glasses, sucky stick and phone all wrapped snug and warm in the quilt.
Strangely only my fingertips are cold.

Luckily my sucky stick hadn’t leaked. If you have one, you do not want them to leak on your bedding……the liquids can leave very dubious stains!! You are forewarned!

It is absolutely chucking it down with rain outside. My young workers are going to get a wee bit soggy on their bike ride this morning. This is the kind of day I came in useful when I had a car. *sigh* I miss my car! But every quid I save brings me closer to getting another one!

Although the rate of saving might have to halt for a while as my therapy will be costing me £15 a week in taxi fare. It is no small commitment I make to this process, in more ways than one.

Zoe hates the rain with a passion. She has already taken out her frustration by having a “mad half hour” charging madly and mindlessly through the house like a small feline tazmanian devil. No doubt she will spend the rest of the day sitting morosely gazing out the window, giving the occasional heavy sigh.
This is how she normally deals with rainy days. Giving it her full attention as if by the power of her will alone, it will all dry up so she can go outside.

Today, I have been promised my Eldest’s full attention and the physical abilities I currently lack, to sort my bedroom out once and for all.
After the full house re-wire earlier in the year it is the only room that hasn’t been fully sorted out again.

This is my own fault as migraines and depression have interfered with everything. Plus I had a complete move around of furniture, got a new wardrobe, gave up a chest of drawers etc at the time. And my room has been sorted a little here, a little there and there isn’t *that* much left to do, but what is left, is bugging me.

Plus….I have decided to try and bring all my crafting and beading stuff upstairs.

I know! It sounds like a mad, crazy, foolish idea!! But there are good reasons for it. But that is for another post, methinks.

Because right now……I need breakfast! Tis definitely a tea and toast day 🙂

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