Inside The Blog

I like blogging!

I have ‘journalled’ online for many many years now, mostly just for myself and friends. But I am really enjoying being on WordPress.

There are some amazing blogs …and bloggers….out there. People sharing their lives, experiences and interests with whoever is interested enough to view and read.

I am meeting some lovely people on here 🙂
My Reader is full of people and their blogs who share my interests…..beads and beading, crafts, cats, writing and poetry as well as people with shared experiences…..fibromyalgia, depression etc.
There is comfort to be found, inspiration to be seen, laughs to be had, and friendships to be forged.

And I love the way WP has the notifications and statistics that show you clicks on links, views etc.
Between that and the Livefeed I have on my blog, I get to see where my visitors are from….everywhere from Coventry to South Africa!!

And even when people don’t comment or like a post I write, I give a mental wave to my regular visitors from USA  and the UK 🙂

And I notice when they are no longer on my Livefeed. I do wonder about them.

I realise that not everybody is registered to WordPress, so if anyone wants to get in touch with me for, or about, something, you can always email me:

That email addy was created last year, a combo of names, and I am kinda stuck with it now, but it does mean I get to send and receive via my phone and that has helped keep me sane since March.

Blogging has helped keep me sane for years now LOL and I can see myself being a blogging OAP. It’s good to read back and see how far you have come, how things change, improve etc.

It’s a record, a therapy, a way to express, reach out, share, participate and a tiny place you can call your own.

Thank you to the people who follow my blog. There are 70 of you now 😀 and I appreciate all of you xx

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