This is Zoe. She is the Queen. No doubt about it. She might be half the size of her sister, Rory, but she asserts her dominance when needed and most of the time Rory will concede to her on food, treats and right of way.
But…..shhhh….don’t tell the other kitties…..Zoe has a secret. She still has comfort blanky. When they were kittens (I got them at 6wks) they loved nothing more than sucking and kneading on whatever I was knitting, so I made them their own sucky blanket. It lives at the foot of my bed and while Rory only turns to it in times of stress, like when they fitted the new bathroom, little Zoe makes use of it on a regular basis.

One of her favourite things is to knead my hand while sucking and she will happily have her paw held.
Zoe doesn’t like weather. If it rains, thunders, is very windy or heaven forbid if it snows and lands on her, she is extremely verbal about it. She comes to find you the minute she comes in and shouts and complains as if it were a personal insult to her royal person. And then she needs lots of reassurance.

Zoe loves milk, especially what’s left in a cereal bowl. She also loves raw chicken livers. Her favourite toy is an old tasselled suede belt that she runs off with dragging it between her legs as she goes, tail in the air.
She does not like tummy rubs, nor is she a lap cat, but she is very generous indeed with nose kisses for the ones she loves.

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4 Responses to Zoe

  1. pauld says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, she’s adorable


  2. oceanskysky says:

    Your cats are beautiful x


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