Curious Dream Last Night


Set in a house that was roughly our old house in Liverpool. I was looking after 2 teenage girls and they were asleep upstairs.
I answered the front door and this man pushed his way inside and I knew he was after the girls.

I stood in front of him, blocking his way and told him “Oh no. No way!”
Then guided him into the back room. Once he was in there, I knew he wouldn’t be dangerous.

He wore a leather kilt. And not much else. And he looked like Jared Leto. But not as skinny.

Then people started coming home. My mother (who actually told me she was back from the dead….freaky!), my sister (but she was about 15) and some chubby dude dressed all in grey with grey hair who was carrying a cuddly goat as a present for me.

They gave him my room to sleep in and he started to pull the wallpaper, very neatly, off the walls.

And ‘Jared’ had stopped being dangerous and was all relaxed and affectionate as if I’d known him a very long time – holding my hand, standing with his arm round my waist – while I explained to the grey haired dude what qualifications he’d need to do my old job. Hmmmm O_o

Then I said goodbye to ‘Jared’ at the door because it was snowing and he was worried about driving on the roads. He had a leather coat on over his leather kilt and not  much else, and he drove off in a massive articulated lorry.


I mean…..come on dreaming brain!!!  Jared Leto and I didn’t even get a snog!!!
Not fair!!

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7 Responses to Curious Dream Last Night

  1. “Jared”? That’s an interesting dream. I tend to over analyze everything in life, especially dreams. Did you draw up any conclusions as to what it could have possibly meant?

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    • Moongazer says:

      I have actually lol. In very general terms, (because there’s a lot all knotted up that would take a long time to explain) it was to do with losing/letting go of my ‘old life’ (my room, my job) and its influences (birth family), protecting the new and unseen (the girls) and the jared bit….partly not letting anyone new barge in and take control with probably a good dollap of finding someone better than has previously been in my life.
      Cor blimey!! I’m actually quite impressed with that analysis now it’s down in black and white 🙂


      • That’s what I do when it comes to dreams. I can link them to so many different aspects if my life and take a look at where I am now and just go wild with my imagination to come up with the reason why that dream came to me. I’m glad you don’t have to stress on why you dreamed your dream. You already know. 😊

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