Intention Failure

I think everyone who has had depression can relate to this.

When you are trying to get back to ‘normal’, trying to pull yourself round to reclaim your life; you are past the part where nothing external penetrates the depression and beginning to emerge back into your life. Or what’s left of it.

And you know there are things to attend to. There is an accumulation of stuff that got shoved on the back burner……and some of it is still there. Still waiting.

So you might write a list, or you might go to bed each night saying “Tomorrow I am going to …..” whatever it is you need to do.

This is it! You are going to get it done, sort it out, finalise it, declutter that pressure!!!
Then you get to the end of tomorrow…….and it’s still on your list.

Intention failure.

It’s not even procrastination. Because that implies purposefully putting things off by doing something else, or making an excuse.

No, with this it’s that paralysis that comes with depression that does it.

I get very frustrated with myself when this happens. And it really is self defeating because it just gives you yet another reason to beat yourself up!

Us humans are really quite peculiar at times.

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2 Responses to Intention Failure

  1. oceanskysky says:

    Story of my life !!! X x x


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