This is Rory. And this is how you will often find her – all curled up asleep. She is my little shadow, and wherever I am, Rory won’t be far away. She is my constant companion.
She’s a big cat, not just coz she carries some extra weight but because she is big. Long in body, broad of shoulder, with paws twice the size of her sister’s. And she has very thick fur.
She is a real ‘dairy queen’, loving anything made with milk…..even fruit flavoured yoghurt. And all I need do is peel a lid and both Rory and Zoe come running, tails in the air, ready to share the lickage from the lid.
Rory is guardian of her domain… bedroom. Well, she guards it against Mitch, anyway.
Apart from dairy products and sleeping, Rory also likes to keep an eye on what’s going on in the close, eating spiders and bringing me moths and butterflies. Oh, and she loves a belly and chest rub.

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