Ok, What Did You Do With Them?

Because I don’t have them. Not at the moment. Not for most of yesterday, either.

They must be somewhere, surely!! These things don’t just disappear like that.

Are they hiding? Lying in wait somewhere? Well, I’m no way playing hide and seek with them, that’s for sure!!!

Maybe, there is an ambush planned for tomorrow, or the day after. Hmmm, that is a possibility.

I’ll have to keep my pitchfork handy LOL.

But this is the first time that I have noticed they aren’t there. None of them. Not even the memory of the good ones, the ones I was going to keep.

So, someone must have run off with them, I reckon. (Be careful – they bite!)

Because I seem to be missing……my feelings for ‘him’. ALL of them.

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