Bad Poetry V.1

I can only imagine what it must be like,
To be you. To be so afraid.
Are you embarrassed?
Or ashamed of the person inside?
I saw patterns, when I looked. Remember? I said.
And a sudden change,
As if, a decision had been made.
Before we met.

Did you see a chance for a brave new start?
To be the real “you”?
But so used to hiding, to ducking and diving…
Where did it take you?
Further away from yourself.

Who made you revert?
What barbs did they fire?
What did they threaten?
Did they offer a bribe?

You did not want to be that man.
You did not have to be.
Don’t you see?
You did not have to be!
Not with me!

But to run? To hide?
Revealed much, of what,
You concealed inside.
Who were you running from, really?
None of this, ever needed to be.

Avoiding it, just created it.
The conflict – That’s your key!
Embraced and embellished with Things that just can not be.
When really, you couldn’t face it, How big, that fear must have been.

I am braver than you.
I am stronger.
Though you never imagined it so.  And I am wiser too.
I saw inside,
What you try to hide from.
But you will never escape from you.

My heart was open, and you filled me full.
There are things you just cannot pretend.
You know this. You felt it –
I could never be just a friend.
And don’t forget the children’s eyes – you know they saw things too.

What is it like to be so afraid?
Does it hurt when you think of the cost?
I just can’t imagine what it’s like to be you,
Letting the real you, inside you,
Get lost.

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