I Hate it When…..

My sucky stick gurgles!!

Haha that sounds so wrong, doesnt it!!

Let me explain. After a hideous number of years as a “tobacco user”, I managed to give up smoking this year.

I haven’t given up nicotine….just every other dreadful aspect. I now get my nicotine from vaping. Along with, I believe, over a million other people in the UK.

For those who don’t know what it is, or haven’t come across any of the “controversy” over vaping, I shall quickly explain, in my own way, what it is.

I have only been vaping since Feb/March this year so am still very much a newbie really. Some terminology still confuses me, so forgive any errors.

Vaping involves the vapourisation of a flavoured liquid containing nicotine. You fill up your device, press a button when you want a ‘drag’ and inhale the resulting vapour instead of lighting up a ciggy.

You get the nicotine blast your addiction craves, with a decent “throat hit”, the mimicry of smoking – hand to mouth, vapour cloud exhaled etc, it’s a fraction of the cost once you have the basics, and you can get just about every flavour you can imagine.

And yes, there is “debate” over it’s safety. But, please……4 chemicals vs 4000???? No contest.

And have you seen what they put in so called ‘healthy’ foodstuffs these days?  Walking down the street and breathing in diesel fumes is probably far worse for you than vaping!

And don’t forget, for every person who vapes instead of smoking, the govt are losing out on the massively high taxes they gave them each time they bought their pack of 20 or pouch of 50g. So its no wonder they want it all regulated and controlled and taxed.

Anyyy way…….I use a refillable tank that screws into a battery. The tank part contains a replaceable heating element/wick where the actual vapourisation occurs and when you inhale, the vapour travels up a tube from the wick/coil to the mouthpiece.

And sometimes, depending on a variety of sometimes random factors, you get liquid inside where it shouldnt be.

So instead of the normal slight crackle and hiss noise, you get this disgustingly revolting wet gurgle instead. It aint pretty!

And then you have to faff about with a tissue mopping the juice out from wherever it has condensed or leaked.

Some tanks seem more prone to it and some liquids too.

My current favourite flavours are expresso and strawberry (not together!) But I also have peach, mint choc chip, tiramisu, honeysuckle, whiskey cream and a mix of tobacco flavour and vanilla.

I get my stuff from a fantastic website, with the brilliant option of custom mixing that allows you to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine. I am down to 21mg from originally using 30mg or 24 mg.
But even better than that, my lung capacity at my check up this year had improved by 70!!

So, if you are ever stood next to someone with a sucky stick and you hear it gurgling, it’s not a death rattle……..they just need a tissue 🙂

A pic of one of my sucky stick and my favourite battery.

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