Regret. Act. Articulate.

RAA!!  ‘:-)

Nope, not *quite* lost my marbles yet. I have been thinking….as you do.

All part of trying to process the last few weeks. And now and again a little nugget of something shoots out the cerebral grinder to be examined and then either discarded or kept.

I’ve wrangled a fair bit with topics like authenticity, truth etc. And this one popped out from there.

I read somewhere that a Regret is a mistake you never made. It stuck with me because I have indeed made many mistakes. We all have. But I don’t really have many regrets.

The ones I do have seem to boil down to fear. I was too scared to act. My fear kept me from speaking up etc. And they occured when I was much younger, far less experienced with things. After all, everything is scary to some degree until you actually do it. And until you do something you have no experience with it. Spirals and circles again!

Feel The Fear……..and Do it Anyway is VERY good advice!!

But where I have had a significant regret, in much the same way I suppose, as when I have made a mistake, I have acted to try and change it. To make it better. Even if it was only for me, in the end.

Because at least then I’d know that I had tried. I had done my best to sort it out.

So even if that then turned out to be a mistake, there was no longer any regret. Does that make sense to anyone else but me? :-/

Because the worst thing. The very, worst thing – is doing nothing.

Doing nothing gets you nowhere.

But more than that, doing nothing about a regret can eat away at you. Because things like regret don’t just go away.

You can rationalise a mistake because its in the world of the physical, but a regret is firmly in your mind and emotions. And if you have ever dwelt in the abyss that is depression you’ll know what I mean……things like regret can become monsters. bizarre title?  You are wondering about the “Articulate” bit?

It’s easy, really. When you articulate something you put it into words. That gives it ….movement and definition. It gives it substance and potential. It brings things into the physical and stops them becoming monsters.

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2 Responses to Regret. Act. Articulate.

  1. oceanskysky says:

    Toooo true nothing worse than regret eats you up keeps you awake at night causes all sorts of mental fuss
    Mistakes … Everyone can live with mistakes a mistake is JUST a pure mistake
    But regret noooooooo nasty !!!!!


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