I Did! Honest, I Did……..

Sleep, that is. I got maybe 3 hrs before the returning revellers woke me up. They didn’t mean to. But there’s not really any way to sneak in quietly.

The diesel engine of the taxi, then the sound of feet. It’s so quiet at night in our little close that I can hear hedgehogs snuffling outside.
And our front door makes a noise that makes me think of a giant self seal bag being opened. And then there’s the hard floor and wooden stairs.

Not as bad as when we lived above my parent’s shop, however. Entry was through the shop door, which made a bell chime in the lounge at the back……directly underneath my parent’s bedroom. Eek!!

Many is the time I would tiptoe painstakingly up the stairs, holding my breath, stillettos in hand – only to find my dad waiting at the top of the stairs, in his vest, bless him,  face like thunder.

I’d always try and find an excuse as well. *laughs*

When I woke earlier, I wasn’t cross at the time (3.45 am), they are in their mid twenties, after all. Nor about being woken from potentially the first full night’s sleep in a couple of weeks.
But, you see –  I was in the middle of an epic dream. Epic as in BIG. It kept switching from viewpoint to viewpoint, place to place but each one telling the story and progressing it. I bloody LOVE dreams like that!!

This involved space travel, zombies, randomly opening vortexes like black holes……and a rare form of tropical fish that was the key to *everything*. It was…..epic!!

And I woke up just as I was pretending to be a zombie (no acting skills needed) – to escape detection.  And the bad guy I was hiding from was about to hurt a cat. Aarghh!!! What a dilemma!! Save the cat and doom myself or allow the unthinkable to happen????

And I woke up. ffs!!!  To loud engines and vacuum seal door noises!!

I think anyone would be a bit disgruntled, actually. LOL

So…..what d’ya reckon I missed?
What happened next in the cliff;hanging moment of my dream??

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2 Responses to I Did! Honest, I Did……..

  1. oceanskysky says:

    The cat became huge and attacked the guy the fish came along and was ate by the huge cat you watched in disbelief as the cat then turned in your Prince Charming !!!!!!


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