Random Thought of the Day

Mushy peas!!

That isn’t a form of Great British expletive. Altho it sounds as if it could be. And I find it near impossible to say it without using a Northern accent 😀

But anyway, for dinner this evening, as there was just 3 of us, we indulged in one of the UK’s great culinary delights……pie n chips n mushy peas 😀 from the local fish n chip shop.

But what is it with mushy peas and the almost “marmite” quality they have? People seem to either love them or think they are totally gross.

I mean, I can understand the repulsion in a way…..green, gooey and lumpy…doesnt sound too appealing. But they taste *so* nommy!! Especially with a bit of mint sauce or vinegar on them.

But the real focus of my random thought is……how come the quality of them differs *so* much? Not just from shop to shop, but across visits to the same shop!
Do they require some special skill to make them? Just how hard is it to produce delicious green goo?

Mine tonight had undertones of…rubber…burnt rubber, actually. They weren’t great.
But they serve them from those big metal tin pan things with lids on. No rubber involved there. So how on earth did the taste of rubber get in there?
On second thoughts…..please don’t answer that. My mind is in overdrive about rubbery connotations as it is !! And I’m not keen on the idea of regurgitating the rubbery goo-ness :-\

But, its a very simple dish. Isn’t it?
Maybe I should just open a can next time.
And for anyone not familiar with this (potentially) delectable delight, here is what tonight’s mystical mush looks like…..


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2 Responses to Random Thought of the Day

  1. oceanskysky says:

    Yuk now they don’t look good !!!!!
    Trev an Sam loves then guy hates them and me I can take then or leave them !!!!


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