Crazy Mixed Up Kind of Day!! Or….finding treasures in the dark.

It really has been as the title says.

I dont normally post 5 times in one day, don’t worry. Although there is a definite appeal to blogging as the mood strikes. I might just roll with that for a while.

And despite all the tears, it did have it’s funny moments. And you do, most definitely, have to grab them where you can find them, all those moments of fun and laughter.

My youngest has just told me I am a wonderful mum.  That was one of my treasures today.

As were the days exchanges of texts and emails with friends. Meeting interesting people on here. The hugs I have had, the nose kisses from the cats, and having a sparkling neat and tidy garden to venture into tomorrow. I’ll knit while the crew paint fences lol.

It’s all …Life….isnt it? 

I am bruised, battered and more than a bit dented. But then, I am heading towards 50……
And despite the losses, I have a very solid core of people who love and care.  I am wealthy in many respects. I have a life full of treasures. The most precious ones,  in fact.

I need to just keep going with the flow. 

And for once, it’s not yet midnight and I actually feel sleepy.

Night night xx

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