I’m pissed off.


Either someone cannot read or they have deliberately chosen to change the word will into won’t. The word I used in the email was WILL as in “will let”. It’s perfectly clear – I have been and checked.

Yet it came back to me via another route that I used the word won’t as in “won’t let”.

Bit of a difference, isnt there??

And people wonder why I don’t talk to them O_o


Blog stats…….58 followers now. My live feed sometimes looks a bit….sparse LOL but the WP stats show direct visits. But then there are also the people who read via email but dont visit the blog itself, and also those who read via the WP reader. They don’t seem to show up on the stats nor will they show on the live feed. It’s all a bit confusing really. How is one to know precisely? 

It must be frustrating for the bloggers who have something to promote like a book, charity or cause.


I was sleepy until I heard about the ‘mis-communication’. Sleepy before midnight for a change. Now I am awake *sigh* and all I can hear is next door’s overflow pipe overflowing.

Ah well…..such is life and the people in it.

The change starts tomorrow. Tis time, I think.

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3 Responses to Communication…….not!

  1. pauld says:

    Not a good day then 🙂


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