It was morning…….

And I found myself mourning……

Never could resist a bit of Marillion 😉 especially when their lyrics fit so well.

Although the biggest grief for me in this precise moment is a night without sleep *sigh*. Yep, I took all my supplements, but they had no effect on me.

But then, this is actually one of the benefits of them…….I am not drugged!

I have always hated that feeling….
and I know why as well.

But anyway…I think I also know why I didnt sleep. Why my own body chemistry kept me awake more than normal. Its because I am going to the drs today. And to minimise anxiety…I just have to have brekkie, get ready….and go.
In the wheelchair, but still.

But really….is that enough of a reason? Nope. I am going to have a blood pressure monitor fitted, that’s all. No biggy. My bp was ‘on the line’ – 140/90 last time they took it. It has been higher than that…usually involving hospitals, and when I had pre-eclampsia of course. Then it hit 165/116 if I remember correctly, and I do. Twas the day I became a mum!
So, it could be a lot worse. And I already have the appropriate natural measures in place to help bring it down – I am losing weight and I have green tea and garlic capsules. I do not want to be medicated. I’ve read up on the drugs they might prescribe if the monitor shows its high…..and I don’t want them. Not if I am able to bring it down myself. If I can’t, then……I’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it.
I might be stubborn, but I am not stupid.

No…..tis other things that stopped me from sleeping last night. The really loud hedgehog under my window, the random person’s footsteps wandering round the close, Rory getting the wind up her tail and using me as a springboard …..and thoughts. Even reading didnt help.

I wasnt even thinking about anything or anyone. Just my brain was too goddamned LOUD!!!

*edited to add…..That! Was a waste of time!!! She wired me up only to find that the machine wasn’t working. Grrr!!

**Lack of sleep = very grumpy, hurty me!!!

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