Post 101

How did I miss the milestone of 100 posts??
Cor blimey!!
Mind you, I have written more than I have posted lol. The app on my phone gets cluttered with ‘local draft’ posts that get deleted every now and again.

Hours of research done today. And then some!! My enthusiasm is picking up, definitely.

I have also managed about 3 stretches of decent sleep again. They are just not in sequence properly with the rest of the uk lol, but getting there. I am juggling and adjusting the timing of my 5htp, GABA & magnesium so it should come right soon.

One of our freezers died over the weekend, but thankfully Littlun (who is 23 btw) was able to save most of what was in there. Not sure i want to go back to just the one again, so the hunt is on for a decent second hand one.

So, it looks like a trip out for me tmrw. Just hope it’s dry coz it’s worse than usual being in the wheelchair, otherwise *sigh*.

But it doesnt look as though I will get the car replaced this side of xmas 😦

Our newest “addition” to the family is a whirlwind of energy, bless him. The garden was looking terribly sorry for itself and in a few hours he rebuilt the raised veg beds, made them taller and cleared 3/4 of the garden of its overgrowth and random assorted chaos. I have new shelves in my room and stuff on the wall, and he is plotting for repainting the fences and shed AS WELL AS redecorating hall, stairs and landing and my room!! The boy can’t keep still!!

He is a joy to have around, especially as it’s so obvious him and my eldest are very much in love. Seems he’s been treated badly before and he can’t quite believe how easy going and loving my eldest is.

When we love in this house, we really do….*love*.

Shame not everyone has appreciated that, but never mind.
I am mending faster than I thought. But then, with me, there are lines that once crossed, never get uncrossed. I may have extended those lines many times in the last 10 months,  but any good feelings that might have remained are gone. What’s left…..drips venom.

I had an interesting conversation with one of my friends a few nights ago, about trust, and I’ve been mulling it over (as you do), but all I can conclude is that she is much more evolved than me LOL. maybe I will have a different viewpoint after therapy……..

I am off to try and sleep again. I WILL crack it, godammit!!  A full night’s sleep will be mine….one of these days!!!

Oh, and I am back to my pre-surgery weight 🙂 That’s 11 lbs lost!!!

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