Tis quiet…..

Inside and out. And also, within.

The laptop made it as far as me, but didn’t get plugged in. Although I did write something.

And speaking of writing I also finished my assessment form!! That, was not a great experience, it has to be said. But I was as comprehensive as I could be.

And I re-arranged my long awaited migraine appt at Queens next week. Couldnt afford the train fares as money was…..unexpectedly redirected elsewhere this last month. Have to wait til December now *sigh*.

There was another of those odd coincidences. I have just finished reading The Black Dawn ll – The Book of The Crowman by Joseph D’Lacey, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

BUT…..of all the books…..this one contained a journey…along the towpath of the grand union canal, ending at Coventry Basin. FFS!!!

There is such a thing as saliency….like when you buy a car of a certain colour, you suddenly notice lots of other cars of that colour. That colour becomes salient to you.

And then there are things that happen that are both coincidental, but also odd. That reference in the book is the second.

Well, they can bugger off!!

Enthusiasm is building for plans being made, and things are being gathered. Tis good.

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