Feeling Thoughtful Today

Tis a lovely sunny afternoon out there. The local children have not long returned from school. I can hear bikes being dragged from sheds, dogs barking happily at their return and soon the noisy chaos of play will begin.

I am verrry tired today. It’s one of those days I could just nod off.
This feeling hasnt been helped by the deeply slumbering cat lying next to me.

Today has a blanket of sadness over it, as one of my friends lays to rest her much loved Dad. He was a good man. A man I remember fondly as always being cheerful. He loved his family, and they love him.
My deepest sympathies and love are with the family today.

So, I feel, that the aura of today….and my feeling of tiredness… isn’t so much actual fatigue, but more a weariness of spirit and heart. Hence me feeling thoughtful.

There has been so much lost. So much to grieve for.

People leave our lives for many reasons. Sometimes there is a massive hole that can never be filled….as when someone we love very much passes away. But the love remains. That never leaves us.

Other times the gap is temporary.
Gaps can even be filled before someone leaves…..but love has little to do with that.

The loss of something or someone important in your life…..can sometimes never be gotten over. I still havent gotten over the loss of my life prior to my illness, for instance. And things like trust….can they ever be refound?

We live in a terribly superficial world now. And there are very few people who seem to really value ‘principles’ such as hope, trust, sincerity and simple happiness. Even those who claim that money and possessions do not rule them…the easy come, easy go types…still seem in thrall to the appeal of acquisition. If they weren’t, the going wouldnt be so easy, I think.

But when the losses arent material……it’s possibly worse, I think, to cope with. To accept. And to ‘get over’.

On thoughtful days like today, we need the sunshine and the sound of children playing. We need the taste of good coffee, and music to lift us. We need people who love us, to be there, with us and for us, so we are not alone. Hugs, and the steady breathing of a slumbering cat. All these are healing. All these bring comfort. We need to count our blessings….by feeling…..and know that not everything has been lost.

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