Almost There……Well, almost off the dreaded duloxetine.

I slept. Ok, it was only for about 3 hours tonight……but I drifted off feeling relaxed. And I woke up gently….more of a ‘coming to’. And when I got out of bed to go to the loo, I *didn’t* immediately want to fall straight over.

So?? I can hear the puzzlement.

But, honestly…..this is a big step forward. And I feel like I am almost there.

It has been 2 days again without taking *any* duloxetine.

I had taken a few days of 15mg (ish) a day with the plan of then halving that, and so on. But all my research and reading had me thinking…..5htp….5htp……can I not replace the drug with 5htp???

So I searched specifically for the answer. I used as many different variations of this question as I could think of. And I kept on….over and over reading citations and advice and cautions against using it until a good 7 days *after* your last dose of duloxetine.

And I was moved to tears by the stories of so *many* people who have/had been given this drug and then found either it just didnt work or they were worse off than before.

I stress again – EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT. Just because you read it here and it’s appropriate for me…..does not make it appropriate for you.

But as I say, I have read, and researched, thought long and hard….and I found one passing reference to using 5htp to help wean yourself off duloxetine. It was the same reference that led me to discover that I could have picked up a book in the first place for all this info *rolls eyes*.

So, I headed over to The Mood Cure Website and had a quick look. I was waiting for the book to be delivered so I didnt want to read too much of the site. But I spotted a link to “withdrawal protocol” and there…from someone very experienced in this was the information I was looking for!!!

I decided to take the 5htp instead of my duloxetine. And so far…….so good. I have, while writing this, had the tiniest, mildest of brain zaps. But so tiny it was barely there. That still counts as so far so good in my book.

The 5htp itself made me feel very relaxed within about half an hour of taking it. And that is a feeling I have not had in the longest time. The last time I can remember feeling *that* relaxed was last summer, on the boat. And before that……honestly? The last memory that comes to mind is lying on the grass in the sunshine in a park near my home when I was 16.

Is *that* what relaxation actually feels like????

That is a serious question.

Because from all my research…..and even more so now I have the book “The Mood Cure” by Julia Ross…..I am convinced that my allergies – at least – have meant that I have been deficient in seriously significant nutrients *all* my life. ALL my life.

I am 47.  But I am shutting that particular train of thought down, right there. One thing at a time.

Yes…the 5htp….like a little miracle pill really in how it made my permenantly tense Fibro battered body feel, with its muscles that havent been soft for more years than i want to think about.

So – fingers crossed for me that I can last another day without having to cave in to withdrawal symptoms. I am so close now…..

And according to the book, I can increase the dose of my little miracle.

I am very pleased to note that with the exception of the timing of 1 of my supplements I seem to have got my dosages, and timings right from my own research. LOL.

But how much damned easier would it have been to have had the book from the get go???

You gotta laugh…or….you’d just crumble basically.

So, instead of cutting down on my coffee, I should take the L-Tyrosine instead of it in the morning, and then again later…when I would also want a coffee.

My head is saying… a sulky voice…..”but I like my coffee’. I do, it’s true. But…is it the taste I like? Or just the caffeine rush?

Hmmmm. I need to think about that one.

So….on with the book. And onwards towards a future minus toxic drugs.

But…almost there……

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2 Responses to Almost There……Well, almost off the dreaded duloxetine.

  1. The Laughable Cheese says:

    Good job so far! I hope you stay off it. 🙂


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