Another Sweaty Night

That could be the title of an 80’s rock song!!

We have just had the most torrential downpour of rain. Deafening! The air outside has that lush, vibrant fragrance to it now that makes you want to be out there. But alas, indoors it is clammy, sticky, unnaturally tropical for the middle of a night in the UK.

So, once again – I am sleepless. Headachy. And with the peculiarly salty taste of cat treats in my mouth.
You see this is how bizarre life gets round here. My 2 cats *know* I have a bag of cat treats in the drawer next to me. Rory takes up residence as close to the drawer as she can. Even casually stretches her arm out and rests a giant paw against it. She can open the drawer. I know it. She knows it. But she also knows now that she is not allowed. So she contents herself with this weird attempt at the kitty vulcan mind meld through the wood accompanied by the occasional deep sigh of wistful longing.
Zoe – totally different approach. She bounds in the room, announces loudly that she who must be obeyed has arrived then springs onto the bed, straight onto my book, beading (aarrgghhhh!!! Nooooo!!!!) Phone or whatever is in front of me. Meows again, sticks her tail in my face and generally pesters until I give in.
I have actually had her wake me up from sleep by sitting on my chest, kneading the skin at my throat and ‘shouting’ at me when there have been treats to be had. So – what would you do???
Anyway…..forgetting i had just dispensed kitty cocaine, i groped around for my vaping device, picked it up by the mouthpiece….and yeah!! I inhaled the delicious tang of freshly picked strawberries at the same time as I sampled aforementioned kitty treats. Seriously……what is all the fuss about? And why so salty? Ick!!!

I actually had a rather good day …yesterday (these middle of the night posts are confusing)…chatting via text to 2 of my favourite people in the whole world. On and off for most of the day. It was real treat and thoroughly enjoyable 😀

We said farewell to our dvd player today. It had recently turned 10 years old – never given us any trouble – and cost a mere £25 from Asda. You cant say much fairer than that, can you. And it underlines my belief that the less fandangled something is, the better.
And if you dont believe me – see much earlier post about 1960’s sewing machines!!!

I think the temperature *might* have dropped below 20. It would be nice to sleep without the fan. It’s old now bless it and not terribly quiet. So i think i will try and get back to sleep again

And talk of the rather beautiful, laid back, plumptious devil herself…..Rory…

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5 Responses to Another Sweaty Night

  1. Marc-André says:

    Zoe sounds exactly like our female cat. XD


    • Moongazer says:

      Hiya 🙂
      Nice to meet another humble servant lol. I had a quick look at your blog – your cats are beautiful!!
      I must confess, though, that even after many years of cat companionship, I wronglyidentified Rory as male when she was a tiny kitten. Plus there was just something very….boyish….about her right from the word go. Very Leonine. But she knew herself as Roryby the time we realised my mistake… Rory she stayed. But despite being the much smaller of the two, Zoe is most definitely The Boss.


  2. pauld says:

    Lying on a womans chest, theres some damn lucky cats around 🙂

    weathers fine here, not too bad, little rain.


    • Moongazer says:

      I just typed out a long reply and my phone ate it 😦

      Tis a good job you and I are old friends pd 🙂
      Zoe allowed me about an hours sleep before resuming *that* position. But when I failed to respond this time, she got her own back by using my stomach as a springboard to launch herself to the floor. She *could* have just stepped off in a ladylike fashion….lol xx


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